Friday, December 13, 2013

Grinch in the library and much much more...

This week in the library we have been on the holiday countdown. Counting down till we see Santa next week, till we enjoy the Christmas store in the library, till we have Christmas cookies and movie day in the library, or until we have our classroom parties and or our long Christmas break. YEAH!

This week has been so much fun. We chilled out in the library and enjoyed Christmas stories and even made connections with the Grinch! Is that possible? Sure it is!!!


Not only did we read this story we created an anchor chart to go along with it. How might we make the Grinch smile? We came up with a lot of great ideas! My favorite was, read him a book.  See our chart.

Some of our other fun stories we shared this week. 
Our 3 Month Reading Challenge has officially come to an end.
  Feeling pretty accomplished that I accepted this challlenge and met it too.  I will post a final list with all my titlles next week. 

Happy holidays!