Sunday, September 1, 2013

Library News....Manners in the library


This week in the library was so much fun! I enjoyed meeting my new kindergarten friends. We had so much fun reading and sharing our picture books this week we all laughed and laughed. Tuesday by David Wiesner, as usual, was a huge hit. Chalk By Bill Thomson was fun and thought provoking. We learned how to picture read and how to retell stories. I was very impressed. Some of my kindergarten friends had such amazing manners they earned a star.
Mrs. Barrett's class worked on a book of their own, called: All About Me. We are sharing these books with Mrs.Young's kindergarten class in Easton, Ks. at Pleasant Ridge Elementary School. Each month we will share a new book with them that we create right here in the library. Here is a photo of what the pages looked like:

We are looking forward to receiving their book, from Pleasant Ridge. We can't wait to find out all about our new friends in Easton, Kansas. Mrs. Young (Kindergarten teacher from Easton) and I have some fun activities planned. Keep checking back here, on the blog and also, ask your child all about it. Sharing the blog with your child is a good way to share information and find out some of the fun things happening in our library.

In first grade our friends were busy, busy, busy this week. Manners and rules in the library were just review for most of my first grade friends. We enjoyed sharing The David Stories. We talked about how most of them could read these books on their own. Many of them, helped in reading the stories aloud with me. Some first graders want to make arrangements to read to their kindergarten teacher's classsroom, so we will try to make that happen. If they are interested, they need to talk to me about it ( I won't know if they don't tell me). If they have signed up to read we will need to practice. I will send a note home and let you know when they will be reading.

We made an anchor chart, for each classroom. The anchor chart is all about the rules that we took away from reading the David Shannon books. You may have seen the anchor chart in your child's classroom during parent information night. See it here:

We talked in the library, about what we want to be when we grow up. I like to ask this question  several times throughout the year. It's interesting to see how things change as they learn and grow. We created a book with these pages and put the books in their classrooms. They can read about each other, share their dreams and aspirations. See a sample of these:


This Monday, we do not have school due to Labor Day. I will visit with all of my Kennedy friends on Wednesday. First graders will be checking out books, this will be their first time to check out this year. Check out days for First Graders will be on Mondays and Wednesdays. They haven't learned to check off of the shelves just yet, but we will, next month. The First Graders will be allowed to check two books out. After teachers have established a level for each student we will require that each first grader check out a leveled reader (a good fit book) and any other book they might like. Until teachers get back to me, I will be allowing students to check any 2 books they might like.

First graders will continue working with Manners and expectations in the library we will be reading Do unto Otters by Laurie Keller. We will also be making an anchor chart for how we can do unto others. How to treat others and how we would like to be treated in return. They will also, hear the story of  When I Grow Up by Mercer Mayer. We will compare this book to the book we made on Thursday.

In Kindergarten we will be checking out on Thursday. Each kindergartener will choose one book. Kindergarten friends check out days are Mondays and Thursdays. This week we will be reading Where the Wild Things Are By Maurice Sendak. We will create a class poster of what we might look like when we get wild. We will also be continuing our good manners unit with The book Little White Owl By Tracey Corderoy. Each class will create a chart for their classroom with ways we can be kind to each other.

In the library each week will be spotlighting a special book someone has recommended. This week is my book choice. The Library Lion By Michelle Knudsen This is a heartfelt story about a library that allows a lion to attend story time and help out in the library, as long as he follows the rules.
Each week a Kennedy staff member, will choose a book they really enjoyed and share it this way.
We will also be enjoying a fact of the week in the library. It is a fun way to get everyone thinking.

*****I will be posting a project I currently have underway, to fancy up the sticks we use for checking from the shelves. I will post the DIY project for any other librarians or teachers. *****

*****Also notice the SLANT button here on my blog, it stands for Sending Love Across  the Nation to Teachers. What a fun way to get to know other teachers and also send and receive a package from others. Sounds like a lot of fun to me. I just signed up, Teachers check it out!*****

*****I am going to the 2013 Kansas Book Festival in Topeka, Ks. next weekend September 7, 2013.
I am hoping to get some author's signatures and see some wonderful presentations. I will post pics next weekend, of the Book Festival and of my haul that I pick up there, as well. If you would like more information about the book festival try this link: *****
As summer quickly comes to an end, I am both saddened and excited. I have had a wonderful       summer and enjoyed traveling, reading and time with my grandchildren. Yet, I have so many fun  plans for this school year, that I am looking forward to all that is awaiting us.                                

I enjoyed this Labor day weekend with a good book, a BBQ with family and friends and working on  this blog. Hope all of you had a wonderful holiday weekend, as well.                                                   
                                      Farewell Summer!                                           

Did all of you find some time to enjoy a good read and share a book with your kiddo's?  It's         never to early to begin reading with your children and or, your grandchildren. I have to share just one more picture, of my 3 month old grandson, Oliver "Ollie" Jack Pierce sharing a book with his mom.

Happy Reading,
Mrs. Shamhart