Monday, May 12, 2014

End of the year fun....

This week in the library we read stories about Mother's Day and prepared a special card for our mom.
It was a lot of fun reading and discussing all the amazing things that our mom's do for us.  I loved hearing the students plans for celebrating Mother's day. Some examples

Some Card Examples:  

Thanks Mom For...

Summer Bucket Lists


This week in the library we read the book "Yes Day!" by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. This is a wonderful story to use when discussing a bucket list, no matter what time of year. The kids loved it and it inspired us to begin brainstorming on our anchor chart all the many things we could do. See our anchor chart here:

Then we went to our tables and created our very own Summer Bucket List. This time of year is always so rewarding to me. I love creating a project that students can do independently. I love showing the teachers what they have done for me. This shows the student just how capable they are and shows the teacher just how far their kiddo's have come. I was so impressed with this whole project.
One of my students really tugged on my heartstrings, this week. One of my friends happens to be blind. I sat at the table to help her write on her summer bucket list.  She asked me, "Do you think I could add roller skating to my list?".  I told her,  "I think skating might be difficult yet, I think it would be tough to get around and you make it look so easy".  I told her that maybe if she had a friend to help her, she probably could skate. Then I asked her if she wanted to give it a whirl?  She smiled so brightly and with such enthusiasm, she said "yes, yes, I would!" 

On Friday, I brought in my grandson's roller skates and worked it out with her teacher, Mrs. Hoffman to find sometime to allow her to skate. Mrs. Hoffman was so sweet to come in and cover my class so that I could share this experience with my friend. Mrs. Miller helped us out, so I could capture the moment with pictures and Mrs. Kim could take a video.  Kind of an all out effort to bring some joy to a friend. 

She was a natural as we walked holding her hand,  she rolled down the halls of Kennedy school. She was beaming with confidence and a bright smile.  Calling herself "Skater Girl" she  was so excited and everyone that saw her shared this with her.  We were all thrilled to see her conquering yet one more challenge put in front of her. She is truly amazing and inspiring.
As the students came in from recess, her class lined up on the wall outside of their classroom and all of them gave her a standing ovation. Giving her words of encouragement and many smiles, as well.


Mrs. Miller and my friend skating in the halls of Kennedy 


Teacher Appreciation Week

This week was a special week of celebrating our wonderful teachers. I honestly feel it is a privilege to work with such amazing and caring teachers. Each year I am in awe at just how far they bring their students, the lessons they teach and the things I take away from observing each of them with their students. I truly appreciate each and everyone of my Kennedy staff, we all play a role in this teacher appreciation week. Great big THANKS to all my Kennedy Family!

Some awesome Teacher books for teacher appreciation:

Summer Reading List

I am still compiling my summer reading list and will post it as soon as it is completed. I was hoping to have it finished by now but...I am still working on it. As, this list will not only be for K-1 but for our K-1 families. I will include several read a louds for families to share and also several series that families may fall into. So, needless to say I have been reading a lot lately and have finished some really great choices that I hope you will all select this summer.

Appy Summer

I also wanted to include some fun websites for our Kennedy kiddo's to try out. If you have time please check out these free websites to keep our students learning over the summer. Have FUN!

What am I reading

I have been reading a lot of chapter books for read a louds  which I will post soon. I personally have been enjoying the book  The Same Kind Of Different As Me by Ron Hall.  I also won a book on audio from Reading Group ChoicesTempting Fate by Jane Green. I received 12 copies for my book club and we will be reviewing it June 2nd. Can't wait. Hope you are enjoying your current read, feel free to share it. 

Happy Reading,
Mrs. Shamhart