Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Final Check Out

Happy May...


 I am listening to my Adele 21 CD

 It was looking like a Mocha Latte kind of day. (sporting my new ring from my slant swap buddy).

I can't believe we only have 15 "school days" left...bittersweet!
Schools out for summer May 23rd.

I want the warm weather back that we had last week. 

We actually have a freeze warning for tonight (May1st).

I need to clean my house and get my garden in.

Last years pic of the garden. We have actually extended it about 6 feet and added some more stones, barrels and a bench.

Check out The Elementary Librarian on Bloglovin

I think she is awesome and has lots of great ideas.

Our Last Check Out

Booster Kindergarten reading on our last check out day.

I can't believe we have just completed our last check out of the school year, it is a bittersweet feeling.
I don't know where the time has gone,( honestly, I feel this way every year).  I have to begin my library inventory, which is a huge undertaking. Although, when the inventory is completed, it will be  ready for a new school year. So, like I said it's a bittersweet feeling.

This week was a fun filled week with many happenings. We had a celebration, to recognize and appreciate our military families.We had several soldiers come to visit and talk about their military experience. After the assembly the soldiers shook hands and greeted our students as they walked down to their classrooms. The students absolutely loved this experience.

Welcome home to Mr. Hinkle, he was one of our soldiers that we sent care packages to in Afghanistan, this past fall. We are so happy that he is home, safe, sound and reunited with his wonderful family. A great big THANK YOU to all our military families.

First graders off to visit McKinley...

My first grade friends were so excited to go visit McKinley. I could see their smiling faces as they were heading down the hall, to catch the bus to McKinley. I look at them and can't believe how much they have grown. They got to meet Mr. Schwartz and tour McKinley.

 Field Day

We also had so much fun at field day. The kids, played games like the 3 legged race, the sack race and tug of war, 50 yard dash and much more. They were good sports and ultimately had a lot of fun and made lots of memories. I loved watching them and listening to all the details as they shared them with me. Oh my goodness were they excited!

3 Legged Race

This week we read books about the zoo to prepare our friends for field trips. What they will see and what to expect. Also, how we expect them to follow our school pledge. By being responsible, respectful and our very best selves, we can have a safe and wonderful trip.  Our 1st graders had a wonderful time at Rolling Hills!

We read a story this week called 'Twas the Day Before Zoo Day, Mrs. Willey's kindergarten class made the connection that it was similar to 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. I told them after field day on Friday we could get together for an extra lesson and brainstorm about what field day looked like and what it sounded like and maybe we could create our own poem.

This is what we came up with...

'Twas the day of field day
when all through the school, 
students were excited 
and they followed every rule.

Mr. Willey had games
for all of us to play.
It wasn't like 
a normal, busy, school day.

We had the sack race,  tug of war,
 50 yard dash.
We cheered, as friends crossed 
to finish in a flash.

 Children were excited,
jumping up and down.
Teachers were all smiling 
not one, wore a frown.

When the horn blew, we knew,
it was time to move.
To our next challenge
to show how we've improved.

When out in the field 
there became such a cheer.
We all looked around 
and it became quite clear.

When, what to our wondering eyes
should appear
Mr. Willey and our teachers 
giving us a big cheer!

Summer Reading Challenge
Our summer reading challenge was created in a unique way and I thought I might share how it came to be. Each season, I speak to the students about my plans/ my bucket list for that season.
I share with them all that I would like to do and see. Then, I ask them what are some of the things you
would like to do this summer/season?

Since this will be our last bucket list we create, they will be creating their own bucket list,
next week. I am really excited to see what they come up with. I had an epiphany, why not include our summer reading challenge with our bucket list and see how many we can check off the list. This is what I created:

Starting May 23-August 15 
Summer Bucket List 
Reading Challenge


 Mrs. Shamhart

 Read in a tent   Read about a wild animal  Read at breakfast  Read a book about a city far away Read at the park Read a book with chapters Read a book about bugs Read a book then act it out Read to a pet Read at dinner Read a biography Read in the bath Read a magazine Read a book that makes you laugh Read in a blanket fort with a flashlight Read a book without words Read a book about space Read under a tree Read a book you wrote Read a book about friendship Read on video Read about the U.S.A Read a book as a family Read an alphabet book   Read a comic book Read in a funny accent Read a pop up book Read at the beach Read a book about art Read a book about Summer Read a book about camping Read a book you find at the public library.       

 Remember, this is just a list to get you started reading. I am still compiling my reading list and finishing up some awesome reading series that I can't put down. As soon as I am finished selecting them, I will post them. I suspect, my next post will include the reading list. I will send a copy home and you can find it on my blog under the reading challenge tab at the top. This will go home the last week of school. 

Cara Box Swap
Wahoo! My Cara box swap came in from my swap partner Penny and what a lovely surprise. I loved everything! I hope you will check out Cara Box they will have a new sign up soon for  June.
Happy Reading,
Mrs. Shamhart