Monday, June 9, 2014

Officially Summer Break...

Library inventory is finally complete, wahoo! I can officially begin my summer!  I have several trips planned and lots of projects I am planning to do. I will share a bit of all of this on my blog this summer. I am excited to start tackling some of the projects I have put off throughout the school year.
Projects that are both, professional and personal.
I have super great news! My very first blog giveaway went without a hitch. Jennifer C. won and I am so happy. I can't wait for her to receive it. I asked her to share a photo of them receiving the book and maybe even reading it. I will share it when they send it to me.
I am involved with several swaps. I started a swap this month, for the first time it is called the Lift packages. This swap is for teachers and similar to the Slant box Swap. I have been linked up with 2 wonderful ladies and I will share more about them as I get to know them.
The other swap is through Chaotic Goddess Swaps it is the Books and Bloggers Swap. This is my all time favorite swap. The idea behind it is to share 3 books with your swap partner, first a book you love, a book you haven't read but are interested in and finally, a book on your swap partners wish list.
Chaotic Goddess Swaps Books and Bloggers Swap
I hope this summer is starting out well for all of my students, their families and my followers.
Enjoy and Happy Reading!
Mrs. Shamhart