Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Days, Cold Days...

Its snowing, snowing, snowing. It has been snowing all day and as I type this we have already accumulated over a foot of snow. UGH! We had a snow day today (Tuesday) and we have already heard that there will be another snow day tomorrow. Temperatures will be below zero in the coming days.
I miss the kiddos and think of all we are going to have to  catch up on. Although, I love the snow and the layer of crisp clean white it leaves in its wake. We have a total of 3 snow days this week and a 2 hour late Start day on Friday.
I warmed myself by the fire and finished my book and enjoyed the hot chocolate and snow is falling.  

Just in time for the snowstorm, I received my book swap books from Becca.

Through our Books and Bloggers Book swap sponsored by CG swaps. 

I was so thrilled to get these books. The criteria for this swap was to share a book that you loved.
Share a book you have been wanting to read. Give a book from your partners wish list.
Needless to say I am very excited to get started on these selections.

My current new book club book is the Beth Harbison book you see here, Always Something There To Remind Me.    I will keep you posted on my progress and a full review of both books next weekend.

Happy Reading!
Mrs. Shamhart