Sunday, March 23, 2014

March Madness in the Library...

It's kind of a crazy month in the library.
With a  Dr. Seuss celebration, wrapping up the end of the book challenge,
finishing up our writing assessments, Scholastic Book Fair and Spring break.
 What a month so far...YIKES!

A week full of Dr. Seuss, then making wish lists for our book fair and we read books from our book fair, as well.


Scholastic Book Fair

Mrs. Kim and I at the book fair

 Winter Read-a-thon 
Completed by a few more friends. 

53 of our first graders turned in completed Challenges.
I am so proud of all that participated.

I finished my current book When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin. Let me say this is a wonderful story. I was hooked after the first chapter.

This story takes place in Georgia and Martin's writing style envelopes you in the south. This is a love story, a medical mystery and an inspirational and spiritual epiphany. With charming characters and plot twist that will keep you flipping the pages. 

This is a must read, I'm so glad I put it on the top of TBR pile. I am going to be reading this spring break and  hoping to try to make a dent in this pile.

Spring break!!!

Also, I want to get the raised garden tilled and fertilized. Hoping I wil be able to start planting next weekend. I want to get everything laid out and ready to go. Here is my garden from last summer. 

Each year I add a new aspect to it. This year I will add a bench and extend it About 6 More feet.
Between my garden and my TBR pile I hope to stay very busy!
What I intend to look like this spring break.
With St. Patricks day around the corner I feel like I miss my sweet home Chicago a little more than usual. 
This is a photo of the Chicago river dyed green. I miss the celebration. 
Here is a photo of my yorkie "Hermione" in her St. Paddy's day outfit from last year.
Have a fun spring break, a happy St. Paddy's day and get all of those little things done you have been meaning to get too, I sure will.

I also, plan on watching Leap Year one of my favorite movies in honor of the St. Patricks Day celebration!
Happy Reading
Mrs. Shamhart