Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Fun...

Hello Friends, this blog post comes to you as I prepare for my camping trip. I have been having so much fun this summer and haven't had much time to blog. I wanted to fill you in on all that has been going on.

I wanted to announce the winners of my book giveaway. Jennifer Christner won the book If You Give A Dog A Donut by Laura Numeroff. Here is a picture of her kiddo's receiving it. She said that they were so very excited to get the book in the mail and to read it. I love it!

     Book Give Away Winners!

I hope your reading like we are at my house.
We are in several reading programs and have been having so much fun. I think I am enjoying the children's library even more than my grandson Carter. He wants to go there every time we get together.

I have also been compiling a list of some new books for the Kennedy Library. I have been able to visit with some of the librarians and also read some of the newly released titles. I can't wait to share some of these titles with my students.

I have been reading several books, I am also in a book group and I am taking a writing class so things are pretty busy in my life. I am doing a lot of reading. The current book I am reading is called The 19th Wife By David Ebersoff. I initially, didn't think I would select this book but much like all of you, I selected it because it was recommended to me and I am now hooked! It is a great read and I will give my review when I finish reading it.

I have finished reading 2 of Nancy Thayer's books Summer House and Summer Breeze

Summer House is a story of 3 generations of women in the Wheelwright family, a Nantucket family.

Each of these women wrestle with decisions that will change their lives. The book starts off with the youngest of the 3 women. Charlotte  is constantly seeking her fathers approval and has in effect become a drifter, hopping from one career to the next. Until, she begins an organic garden on her grandmothers  land, the family land. No one thought she would stick with it and assumed it was just one more thing she would lose sight of, until she was able to show a profit.

Helen is Charlotte's mother and she is a Wheelwright by marriage. She has put aside the many things she lovd,  to do things the Wheelwright way. When Helen is confronted by a deep betrayal she is forced to face her deepest fears. Her self worth and what she wants out of life could drastically change her life as she knows it.

Nona, Anne Wheelwright is celebrating her 90th birthday and is confronted with memories. She is forced to reveal a shocking family secret which will change everyone's outlook.

Summer House is a simply beautiful story of family, friendship, and the ties that bind.

This story made me think of the Mary Kay Andrews book Summer Rental. It was a great little beach read. It made me feel as if I was on the beach again, after my cruise. This story is about 3 women who breeze through life. The story is aptly named Summer Breeze for this reason, I'm sure.

These 3 women meet at the beach and while I read this I actually felt like I was there. The symbolism and details in Thayer's writing is truly beautiful.  Natalie, Bella and Morgan are all at different points in there lives. These ladies are lasting friends and Thayer displays the layers of friendship between them. From all the insecurities, jealousies and arguments balanced by the friendship, admiration and honesty.

Summers on Dragonfly lake in rural Mass. are dreamy , lovely and full of connections between family and friends you won't be disappointed in this read.



I am now in 4 summer swaps. Oh my goodness. I am kind of loving it. The Books and Bloggers Swap is nearly over and I will be sending Chrissy from http://everyfreechance.com  3 books from our swap. I will send 1 book I love, 1 book I have been wanting to read and 1 book from her wish list. I hope she loves my choices for her. It has been fun getting to know her. I will share my reveal of the books she sends me as they arrive.

I am also in the Lift Packages Swap for this month and my partners are Kristen from http://thebookmonster.blogspot.com we have been partnered several times before and we have so much in common and it makes me happy to continue to keep in touch and make a lasting friend in her. I am also partnered with Brittany It has been fun getting to know her. Our swap ends at the end of the month I will reveal as it arrives. I am sending to Kristen and Brittany is sending to me. Our theme for this swap is "Stay On Vacation" things that will make you feel like your still on summer vacation when it is time to head back to school..hmmmm this has been a lot of fun to shop for. How do you keep the summer alive as you head back to school?

My next swap is running through the end of July. It is our Slant Box Swap.

I have been matched with Arielle again and she is from http://technicallylibrarian.blogspot.com another media specialist which is so wonderful. Looking forward to catching up. I am also matched with Tara from http://teachingwithtwitte.blogspot.com and looking forward to getting to know her better. Our theme for these 2 months is Sunshine. I am very excited to shop for this swap. I have some great ideas.

Lastly is a new swap from my friend Kristen and her partner Kate over at The Book Monsters. They are having a Christmas in July Book Swap. I am super excited for them and happy to be a part of it all. Mostly, I am thrilled to be getting yet, another book. HEEHEE

Im having an amazing summer full of fun, friends, family, vacations and lots and lots of reading. I
hope you are having a super summer and happy reading!

Have a great week and don't forget to go to the library, I may see you there!

Happy Reading,
Mrs. Shamhart