Friday, August 15, 2014

Ready Or Not...

Kiddo's will be visiting the school for the orientation day on Monday, August 18. I am hoping to have the library ready and some extra special goodies for my kiddo's that come to visit me. I love orientation day because everyone is so excited about school. I look forward to seeing some of my friends and meeting new students and their parents.

Reading Starts at Home
One of the most common questions I get asked as a librarian from parents is, “What can I be doing at home to help my child?” I believe that many parents want to help their children, but they aren’t sure what to do or not do! I always suggest reading. It lends so many things to a child. Reading with your child helps them with their developing vocabulary, they improve in listening comprehension. They build comprehension as you ask them questions about what you've read. They listen to a fluent reader, YOU. You also bond together and make memories and so much more. 
A quote I am often guilty of using here in the library is one my dad shared with me, so many years ago. He said "If you can read, you can do anything in this world."  I believed it then and still live by that sentiment today. I think that must be why I  have such a love for reading. I find purpose in presenting books and quality literature in ways that involve and excite students, developing the foundation for a life-long love of reading. I welcome each and everyone of you to join me in this effort.

"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents" - free printable bookmark from
You can download a printable PDF sheet of bookmarks HERE.

As you already know, kids LOVE seeing themselves on camera! Last year I tried to use this to my advantage to help my students understand what a good reader looks and sounds like. At the beginning of the year, I began taking pictures and video of the class during “Read to Self” time and then would play it back for the class to see. They truly became their OWN models of good reading. I plan to continue this practice. I will share photos each week of kids reading and displaying good positive behavior.

Library Photos

Some changes you might see in the library. I haven't shared all of them because I want you to be excited when you come to visit.


Summer can't be over I had to bring the beach back with me. 
My Grandson at the summer library celebration. We made Clifford ears here at Kennedy after his visit with Clifford The Big Red Dog.You might see your Kindergartener coming home with some Clifford ears too. After we learn about manners in the library with Clifford.

I am excited to see all of your smiling faces.
I can't wait to see, hear and feel all the excitement at Kennedy when school starts back.

Children's Book Review

I have to say that I have processed several hundred new books to our library. I am thrilled to have so many new books available to our students and staff. I try to give reviews of books and I have so many it was a very difficult choice but I kind of love this one.

You're Finally Here! is written by Melanie Watt, author of  
Scaredy Squirrel.( Love that Scaredy Squirrel!)
It's about a little bug-eyed bunny of a book character who is 
waiting..and waiting...and waiting..
for his READERS!
When a reader finally opens the book the
 bunny is beside himself!
He begins to tell the reader just how long they've kept him waiting!

Long enough to watch paint dry! Long enough to find a needle 
in a haystack! Long enough to gather dust bunnies! (Oh, the idioms, 
and the opportunities!)
He goes on to scold his new readers for keeping him waiting so long
and insists on knowing where they have been.

Which leads me to know what my friends have been up to this summer. I can't wait to share here on the blog and in our classrooms, where we have been and what we have been doing this summer. I'm curious to know if my 1st grade friends accomplished their summer bucket lists?

My Adult Book Review

Allison is a mommy, a wife, a blogger, a dutiful daughter, a helpful friend, and because life is stressful, she sometimes needs help to get through the day. Allison has hurt her back and has been prescribed pain killers. When Allison starts to realize she may have a problem, that she may not be keeping it all together, those around Allison have already realized just how serious her problem may be. In order for her to keep her life, and her family, Allison must go to rehab.

I look forward to Jennifer Weiner’s books as my official start to Summer. All Fall Down, While it started a little slower than I was anticipating (I also, purposely, did not read the back of the book or the synopsis), by page 50 I was hooked and spent the better part my day reading the book in a manic reading session.

Allison is a modern, everyday woman. Who wants children and a family, and finds herself doing all of it, but getting very little credit. Allison tells David (her husband) multiple times that she is, essentially, all by herself. She moved to the house he picked (unseen by her, purchased on his whim) in the suburbs. His writing career falls by the wayside (through no fault of his own) and he is moved back to his old job at the newspaper. In order to pick up the financial slack, she starts blogging for a female-oriented blog.

For most of the book, David is absent and when he is in residence, he is aloof and just terrible. While I realize that marriages can suffer during the first few years of parenting, David is just plain selfish. While with their daughter, Eloise, David seems to be the perfect dad, with Allison he is standoffish and disrespectful. It wasn’t until the very end of the novel where I felt a little bit of sympathy for him. He actually became a multifaceted character by then.

Allison’s parents are also in need of Allison, and while her Dad is battling Alzheimer’s and her mother seems to be helpless, it falls to Allison to do the heavy lifting, make the big decisions and parent both of them (Sadly, this was something I really related too).

Jennifer Weiner’s writing,  is as masterful as always. Her story, while different than what I would have anticipated from her, is compelling and well-written. I would love to know the type of research she had done for this story, because she seriously did her homework. Just absolutely amazing, a novel perfect for the summer, whether you’re at home, at the beach or waiting in the carpool line.

My Next Read
I was intrigued to read this book for several reasons. First, I heard it was a book translated from the Dutch By Sam Garrett. Then I found it was on 2 of my summer reading list and finally, highly recommended by a friend in my book club.

I have started this somewhat, dark thriller and I am captivated to say the least. This is a psychological thriller with razor sharp humor. I will share my review next week.


My Motto
This probably needs a little explanation so here goes: My grandson Carter and I have watched the Disney Movie, Frozen several times this summer. I love to hear him sing the "Let It Go" song played in the movie (It is the most precious thing). When he sings this song it makes me smile. So, when things get crazy, as they sometimes do or I get overwhelmingly busy, I will remember too...
Think of my grandson and SMILE!

Happy Reading,
Mrs. Shamhart