Monday, October 21, 2013

A Crazy, Busy, Short, Fun Filled Week...

Wow! What a crazy, busy, short, fun filled week.  We got so much accomplished!  We wrapped up our donations for our soldiers. We worked on library skills, played games, created books, checked out 2 times, introduced story elements and so much more. A huge amount of work but a whole lot of fun.

This week in the library Kindergarten heard 2 books. I Need My Monster  By Amanda Noll and
Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley. Both of these books were amazing. We discussed the story elements of the book I Need My Monster. The Kindergarteners did a super job.

 The book Go Away Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley was a book we used for visualizing, We read the story without looking at  the pictures in the book. Until the students  had created their own illustrations to go along with each page of text. It was a lot of fun.  I was amazed at how well my kindergarten friends did. I then explained that the words in a story paint a picture in our mind. I put these pictures into a book for each class. See a sample here:

This week my Kindergarten friends also made books about what they would like to be for Halloween.
See  a sample here:

First graders worked on Fiction and Non-Fiction in the library this week. Wow what smart 1st graders we have at Kennedy. Each and every class was able to answer all of my questions. We compared them and discussed different books determining if they were fiction or non fiction.
We read Too many Pumpkins by Linda White and Pumpkin Patch Elizabeth King.

I loved being witness to the generosity of our students and their families. The kiddo's were so excited to give and share. They would shine when they brought a donation in for the donation box. It makes me smile to know that I was a part of that. Here are some pictures of the donations and what they looked like after they were packaged. We are shipping them out with baked goods and letters of encouragement from our teachers and donations from Kennedy students and their families.

Ms. S's Class
Our Spotlight Book of the week was selected by Mrs. Kim Goodman. What a wonderfully fun rhyming story this book is. The Llama Llama books are all excellent.  This book focuses on llama going to school for the first time, and missing mama llama . Once you start reading this book, you'll be amazed how accurately the author portrays llama llama's feelings as a young one in an unfamiliar surroundings might see things.  This book is  for anyone that has a little one anxious about beginning school! Excellent choice Mrs. Kim.
Our fact of the week   is one that my first graders shared with me before we read the Pumpkin Patch book by Elizabeth King.
Holy Cow~ October 18, 2013 Snow in Ks.  Hard to believe snow already. I am not ready for winter. I have to many things to do before  winter arrives. I love the snow but I love fall a lot more. Please bring back the mild temperatures and sunny skies. I am suppose to go to the pumpkin patch tomorrow and I have been looking forward to it for weeks.
This crazy weather was awesome for snuggling by the fireplace and finishing up the book I have been reading. Testimony by:Anita Shreve                     

I was a little shocked at the graphic nature of this book, in the first chapter. But it sets the foundation of the story. This book was a page turner from the first page.

In a small Vermont village, most-known for its private boarding school for the privileged children of the wealthy, and some who are there on scholarships, a scandal is brewing.

We see the story unfold, piece by piece, in the voices of the participants. First we learn of a tape, discovered by the headmaster of Avery Academy.  The tape reveals the activities of some of the best and brightest, along with the unfortunate appearance on the tape of a fourteen-year-old girl which makes the action unlawful in the state of Vermont.

Over the next several chapters, the voices include the boys, the parents, the girl, the girl friend of one of the boys, the law enforcement officials, and even journalists and researchers all eager to peek behind the scenes and uncover the  the behavior of these adolescents on one horrible night in January.
Intriguing, suspenseful and haunting, this tale reveals how simple desire and need can lead to unfortunate consequences that seemingly unfold over the indefinite future.
My next book choice for the book club challenge is  What Alice Forgot  By Liane Moriarty.

This week I checked lots of things off of my fall bucket list. The best of which is our trip to the pumpkin patch with my kids and grand kids. Took lots of pics, made memories and picked lots of pumpkins. Had a blast.
We enjoyed some chili on that snowy fall day. Checked right off my fall bucket list.
 I also made homemade applesauce in the crock pot. It made the whole house smell amazing!
We served it over ice cream and I sent some home with the grand kids. Yum! As quickly as the cold weather is blowing in it reminds how fast fall will be over. I hope your bucket list is dwindling. I have a few more things left. But I am enjoying every single thing :)

Hope you find time to do some reading and enjoy a good book.
Happy Reading